Number Title Author
1 MIP Purpose and Guidelines Tom Nash
2 Add a liquidator to sell reward tokens Alex Scott, George Ornbo
3 Add a cache to reduce gas costs Alex Scott
4 Batch yield collection to reduce SAVE gas costs Alex Scott
5 Tokenise mUSD SAVE, enhance capital efficiency and add deposit box Alex Scott
7 mAsset AMM Upgrade Onur Solmaz
8 Buyback & Make Alex Scott
9 Feeder Pools Alex Scott, Onur Solmaz
10 Extend buyback and make to Feeder Pools Alex Scott, derc, Dimitri Golecko
11 Deposit mUSD from Feeder Pools into the Iron Bank Max1


Number Title Author
6 Bitcoin mAsset (mBTC) and new AMM-based design Onur Solmaz