Number Title Author
32 Future of mStable Treasury Assets 0xloth


Number Title Author
33 dHEDGE Acquisition of mStable Ermin
34 Origin acquisition of mStable Origin Protocol
35 Idle + mStable Merge Idle Finance
36 Merge mStable into Spool DAO Spool DAO


Number Title Author
23 Remove mUSD from Iron Bank Dimitri Golecko
30 mStable Governance Path Resolution mZeroNine, Cam Soulsby, Dimitri Golecko
31 Product Sunset Approach Dimitri Golecko, Nick Addison, Cesar Chavez


Number Title Author
1 MIP Purpose and Guidelines Tom Nash
2 Add a liquidator to sell reward tokens Alex Scott, George Ornbo
3 Add a cache to reduce gas costs Alex Scott
4 Batch yield collection to reduce SAVE gas costs Alex Scott
5 Tokenise mUSD SAVE, enhance capital efficiency and add deposit box Alex Scott
7 mAsset AMM Upgrade Onur Solmaz
8 Buyback & Make Alex Scott
9 Feeder Pools Alex Scott, Onur Solmaz
10 Extend buyback and make to Feeder Pools Alex Scott, derc, Dimitri Golecko
11 Deposit mUSD from Feeder Pools into the Iron Bank Max1
12 Add Alchemix alUSD/mUSD Feeder Pool shubidoobi, Dimitri Golecko, Nick Addison
13 Add Frax/mUSD Feeder Pool on Polygon Dimitri Golecko
15 Staking V2 Dimitri Golecko, Alex Scott
16 Add mBTC/tBTC v2 Feeder Pool Dimitri Golecko
17 Add mUSD/RAI Feeder Pool Stefan Ionescu
18 Add mUSD/FEI Feeder Pool Dimitri Golecko
20 Updated proposal workflow Dimitri Golecko
21 Community signer election Dimitri Golecko
22 Alliance Referral program Théo Clochard
24 Emissions Controller Dimitri Golecko, Nick Addison
25 Save Unwrapper Cesar Chavez, Dimitri Golecko
26 Stop COMP & stkAAVE Liquidations mZero2Nine, Dimitri Golecko
27 Upgrade Save Contract to comply with ERC-4626 Dimitri Golecko, Cesar Chavez
28 Deployment of USDC 3Pool Convex Meta Vault Dimitri Golecko, Nick Addison, Nesk
29 Adjustment of Builder SubDAO Mandate Cam Soulsby, James Simpson, 0xloth, mZeroNine


Number Title Author
6 Bitcoin mAsset (mBTC) and new AMM-based design Onur Solmaz
14 Add MAI(miMatic)/mUSD Feeder Pool on Polygon Dimitri Golecko
19 Move idle mAssets in Feeder Pool to Rari Fuse Lending Markets derc