Number Title Author
1 MCCP Purpose and Guidelines Tom Nash
2 Reduce cache size to 2% Alex Scott
3 Increase Save liquidator's weekly USD contribution James Eddington
4 Optimise MTA emission to maximise circular effects Alex Scott, Onur Solmaz
5 Migrate DAI and WBTC to Aave v2 Dimitri Golecko
6 Reduce Swap Fees to Bootstrap Users Cold Summer
7 MTA rewards distribution on Polygon derc
8 Extension of reward distribution JE, Dimitri Golecko
9 Reward distribution for weeks 35-41 Dimitri Golecko
10 MTA emission and distribution pre Emission Controller launch Dimitri Golecko
11 Bribe centric config set Alex Scott
12 Whitelist Balancer DAO Gnosis Safe in Staking V2 Dimitri Golecko
13 Increase cache for BUSD and GUSD Feeder Pools Dimitri Golecko
14 Whitelist Abachi Multisig in Staking V2 3L3C70
15 Whitelist Multisigs in Staking V2 Dimitri Golecko
16 Fee restructuring for swaps and redemptions Dimitri Golecko
17 Add Vesper vaMUSD dial Green Jeff | Vesper Finance
18 Add Idle Finance dial for 3pool PYT Davide_IdleDAO
19 Disable automated collection of fees for Mainnet Save redemptions Nick Addison
20 Overhaul the Governance Fee Flow Nick Addison, mZeroNine
21 Stake BPT staked in mStable into Balancer Staking contracts derc, Nick Addison
22 Disable underutilized dials Dimitri Golecko
23 Disable underutilized dials II Dimitri Golecko, Nesk
24 Reduce weekly MTA emissions Nesk, Dimitri Golecko
25 Increase Governance Fee Flow to Treasury mZeroNine, Dimitri Golecko, Cam Soulsby