MIP 23: Remove mUSD from Iron Bank Source

AuthorDimitri Golecko

Simple Summary

The mUSD from both Feeder Pools (mUSD/GUSD and mUSD/BUSD) is allocated in the Iron Bank since MIP 11 has been enacted. In light of recent events around the exploit of Cream Finance, it is proposed to remove this integration and move the mUSD into a dummy integration contract for the time being.


The mUSD from both Feeder Pools (mUSD/GUSD and mUSD/BUSD) is currently supplied to the Iron Bank and earns at the time of writing around 0.18%. Therefore it seems that the additional risk caused by this integration doesn’t warrant the earned yield from this pool - it’s not a significant amount to justify this.

Since the smart contracts for the feeder pool can’t move from integration back to having no integration, a dummy integration contract is needed to replace it. This dummy integration would simply hold the funds and does not supply them to any platform.


Since the exploit of Cream Finance and the uncertain future around it, we should reconsider the Iron Bank integration. The very low yield that is generated by this integration does not warrant the increased risk. Our shared value as a protocol is a security-first approach - this proposal falls in line with this approach.

Technical Specification

Two instances of the smart contract DudIntegration.sol are to be deployed for each feeder Pool with the following constructor arguments:

  • mUSD/GUSD Feeder Pool:
    • nexus = 0xAFcE80b19A8cE13DEc0739a1aaB7A028d6845Eb3
    • lp = 0x4fB30C5A3aC8e85bC32785518633303C4590752d
  • mUSD/BUSD Feeder Pool
    • nexus = 0xAFcE80b19A8cE13DEc0739a1aaB7A028d6845Eb3
    • lp = 0xfE842e95f8911dcc21c943a1dAA4bd641a1381c6

After deployment, the ProtocolDAO multisig will queue two transactions for each Feeder Pool to migrate the assets to the new integration:

  • Call migrateBassets([0xe2f2a5C287993345a840Db3B0845fbC70f5935a5], _newIntegrationAddress)

The _newIntegrationAddress will be the aforementioned deployed address of the contract DudIntegration.sol for the corresponding Feeder Pool.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.