TDP 53: Funding Request - mStable Ecosystem subDAO (Jan-Apr 2023) Source


Simple Summary

This proposal requests four (4) months of operational funding for the mStable Ecosystem subDAO. The proposal will:

  • Outline a budget proposal for the period of 1st January 2023 to 30th April 2023
  • Define deliverables and methods of transparently reporting activity and performance during the funding period
  • For more background on the mStable Ecosystem subDAO’s purpose, mandate, structure, and internal processes; please see the initial funding request here TDP 46


The Ecosystem subDAO, which is a subsidiary of the mStableDAO, will be established to further decentralize the funding, planning, and execution of community-centric and initiatives. It operates with the goal of supporting and growing a strong ecosystem of users and integration partners around the mStable platform. The Ecosystem subDAO will function independently from the other wings of the mStableDAO.

Examples of initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the Official mStable Discord
  • Moderator Compensation
  • Management of Coordinape
  • Planning of Community Events (Trivia, Game Nights, etc.)
  • Operation of the Dework Bounty Board
  • Researching new ways to better the mStable community i.e. the integration of platforms such as Dework
  • Managing and creating content for mStable

A full itemized list of funding initiatives can be found in the “Amount Requested” portion of this Proposal. Funding received will be utilized to optimally run the subDAO to carry out its initiatives and meet its objectives.


The Ecosystem subDAO Funding Request is created in order to resolve the merger between the Community subDAO and the GrantsDAO ratified in TDP 46



The total amount of mUSD requested under this funding request is $30,741.68 per month or $7,158.42 per month over four (4) months. It is proposed that $30,741.68 is transferred in full prior to the start of the funding round (January 1st, 2023).

This will allow the subDAO funding to be used immediately for expenses requiring advance payment, and help streamline the accounting process over the course of the funding period. The mStableDAO is expected to hold the subDAO accountable for using funds as outlined and for meeting deliverables over the efunding period as defined in this proposal. This process will include a monthly review of the Ecosystem subDAO’s activities and performance.

Below is an itemized list of expected costs. Although not anticipated, the buffer amount will provide some flexibility if there is a variance in expenditures beyond the baseline budget outlined herein.

Itemized Budget

  • Salaries (Total) - $25,066.68
  • mStable Merchandise - $2,000
  • Discord Server Costs - $175
  • Signer Gas Costs - $500
  • Buffer Amount - $3,000

Total mUSD Requested: $30,741.68

The aforementioned budget represents a $2,000 mUSD budget reduction (coming from merchandise) when compared to the previous funding round.

All unallocated budget after 4 months will be returned to the TreasuryDAO or at the discretion of the TreasuryDAO, may be subtracted from any subsequent approved funding request. Note that any calculation of unallocated budget should take into account any outstanding accounts payable to ensure that the subDAO can meet future payment obligations.

To ensure that the subDAO is not incentivized to overspend and use the buffer amount, the TreasuryDAO should hold the Ecosystem subDAO accountable to the original budget and consider use of the buffer as a negative indicator of performance.


The full amount requested for the period is 83125 MTA, but with 65774 left over from the previous funding round. Therefore, the additional amount requested is only 17.351.

The amount of MTA requested will be utilized primarily to cover Dework Bounties (particularly for mStable v1), moderator pay, community events, and any other community-based initiatives after the launch of Meta Vaults

Any unallocated MTA at the end of the period will be returned to the TreasuryDAO or subtracted from the following funding period’s requested total.

Below is an itemized list of expected costs in MTA for the funding round. The 17,351 MTA will bring the Ecosystem subDAO’s MTA total to 83,125. Similar to the last round, the Ecosystem subDAO will act judiciously with funds allocated for discretionary activities and operate in a lean manner. Please note that moderator pay will be denominated in MTA.

Itemized Budget

  • Dework Bounties - 30,000
  • Community Events - 18,750
  • Moderator Pay: 25,000
  • Raffles - 6,250
  • Rewards for Completing Surveys - 1,875
  • Tips - 1250

Summary: 83,125 MTA amount with 17,351 requested for this funding round

Total MTA Requested: 17,351


Timeline: 1/23 - 4/23. This funding request will carry the Ecosystem subDAO through the first four (4) months of 2023. Monthly report comprising of highlights, lowlights, and ecosystem subDAO performance will be provided monthly to the treasury subDAO.

  • Successful utilization of Dework, defined through the regular successful posting, quality assurance, task completion, and payout of various bounties where previously defined deliverables that add value to the mStable ecosystem are met. The ecosystem subDAO will more deeply collaborate with the builder subDAO to increase the value accrual for the mStable community via the use of Dework.

  • Hosting of community events: Community Calls, AMA’s, Game Nights, Trivia where community members are rewarded through their participation via one or more of the following: POAP’s, NFT’s, MTA rewards, special discord roles, recognition in official announcements, and so on. Determination of the number and timing of community-based events will be coordinated with the Builder subDAO. Accountability & Transparency

It is suggested that the mStable TreasuryDAO continues to conduct a monthly review to hold the Ecosystem subDAO accountable to the deliverables defined herein.

The Ecosystem subDAO commits to providing the TreasuryDAO access to information on all expenditure for each month prior to the 10th of the following month, including the category of expenditure. This will either be provided via a report/presentation.

Additional and Future Funding Requests

The Ecosystem subDAO does not anticipate requiring additional funding during the funding period to meet its goals.

To ensure a smooth transition between funding periods, the Ecosystem subDAO will present a subsequent proposal to Meta Governors in late March to early April 2023, proposing funding for the next period. The length of future funding periods will be proposed in the associated funding request.

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