TDP 49: Funding Request - mStable Ecosystem subDAO (Sep-Dec 2022) Source

AuthorFungus, Cam Soulsby, mZeroNine

Simple Summary

This funding request is intended to fund all operations of the Ecosystem subDAO from September 2022 through December 2022. The Ecosystem subDAO is the end result of merging the previous Grants DAO and the Community subDAO


The Ecosystem subDAO, which is a subsidiary of the mStableDAO, will be established to further decentralize the funding, planning, and execution of community-centric and initiatives. It operates with the goal of supporting and growing a strong ecosystem of users and integration partners around the mStable platform. The Ecosystem subDAO will function independently from the other wings of the mStableDAO.

Examples of initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of the Official mStable Discord
  • Moderator Compensation
  • Management of Coordinape
  • Planning of Community Events (Trivia, Game Nights, etc.)
  • Operation of the Dework Bounty Board
  • Researching new ways to better the mStable community i.e. the integration of platforms such as Dework
  • Managing and creating content for mStable

A full itemized list of funding initiatives can be found in the “Amount Requested” portion of this Proposal. Funding received will be utilized to optimally run the subDAO to carry out its initiatives and meet its objectives.


The Ecosystem subDAO Funding Request is created in order to resolve the merger between the Community subDAO and the GrantsDAO ratified in TDP 46


Internal Structure The Ecosystem subDAO will comprise three (3) signers. The three positions will be filled by Fungus, Derc, and trustindistrust.

  • Derc - Content Growth and Marketing. Derc will contribute to mStable’s growth through community engagement, partnerships, strategic input; and to content creation via social media, articles, and documentation
  • trustindistrust - Community subDAO operations i.e. championing Dework
  • Fungus - Community and subDAO manager/lead. Responsible for efficient operation of the subDAO and the obtaining of its objectives

Community Manager Role & Responsibilities

To ensure a smooth experience for both the community and mStable’s core contributors when interacting with the Ecosystem subDAO, Fungus’ role will be expanded in order to facilitate and allow for an increased set of responsibilities.

In addition to the responsibilities below, the Community Manager will take a leadership role in the Ecosystem subDAO by guiding and directing priorities and providing oversight of the subDAO’s operations. This includes acting as the lead signer of the subDAO and main point of contact for any queries and other liaisons within the wider mStable ecosystem relating to the Ecosystem subDAO.

Further information on lead signer responsibilities are outlined in TDP-47.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1.) Schedule and organize AMAs, Governance Calls, Community Calls, Metanaut Spotlight Calls, Friday Hangouts and other social events in the Official mStable Discord.

2.) Leverage Dework to facilitate the creation of POAPs, related art and graphics for events and social media.

3.) Join mStable related group chats and communication channels with other Decentralized Finance protocols and digital asset adjacent companies to align on timelines for hosting events on the respective Discord Servers

4.) Closely work with the Ecosystem subDAO signers and other mStable contributors to prepare these events, and otherwise assist in their smooth and successful execution

5.) Oversight of and hands on involvement during the setup, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the Dework bounty board to ensure it runs optimally and is providing the intended value to the community and protocol

6.) Curation of these recordings with relevant timestamps, descriptions, and sorting in the official mStable social media channels(YouTube / Twitter / Discord) (PickACrypto has been helping to create timestamps)

7.) Bi-weekly calls with Community & mStable DAO Cat Herder (mZeroNine) to align on deliverables, schedules, and sync up on tasks and responsibilities within the ecosystem

8.) Support and moderation of the public communication channels of mStable (Discord and official forum)

9.) Help in maintaining the Notion space for the mStableDAO

10.) Assistance on Business Development resource development and outreach, especially relating to ventures that concern the community and ecosystem as a whole

11.) Flexible assistance & general support for the wider mStable ecosystem and their core contributors when required

13.) Research and explore new tools to enhance the mStable community. Previous examples include incorporating platforms like Coordinape and Dework

Amount Requested

Below is an itemized list of all funding initiatives: September 2022 - December 2022


Combined Salaries for Ecosystem subDAO members - $25,066.68 mStable Merchandise - $4,000 Discord Server Costs - $175 Signer gas costs - $500 Buffer amount - $3000 Total mUSD - $32,741.68


Dework Bounties - (POAPS, Banners, NFT’s, and other design initiatives) - 30,000 Community Events - 18,750 Discord Moderators - 25,000 Raffles - 6,250 Rewards for Completing Surveys etc. -1,875 Tips - 1,250 Total MTA - 83,125

Any surplus of mUSD or MTA at the end of the funding period, after accounting for any outstanding accounts payable, will be returned to the TreausuryDAO.

Terms of Request: Milestones, KPI’s

Timeline: 9/22 - 12/22. This funding request will carry the Ecosystem subDAO through the remainder of 2022. A monthly report will be created to track spending on initiatives, and list upcoming ventures.

  • Successful utilization of Dework, defined through the regular successful posting, quality assurance, task completion, and payout of various bounties where previously defined deliverables that add value to the mStable ecosystem are met
  • Hosting of regular community events: Community Calls, AMA’s, Game Nights, Trivia where community members are rewarded through their participation via one or more of the following: POAP’s, NFT’s, MTA rewards, special discord roles, recognition in official announcements, and so on.
  • Miscellaneous community engagement activities such as the music competitions, raffles, and so on
  • Agreed upon report will be posted to the forum on a monthly basis per the requirements of TDP-47

Key Point of Contact/Liaison for the Cat Herder

The Community Manager will act as the Ecosystem subDAO point of contact for the Cat Herder. Any requests coming directly from the mStableDAO will be handled via this channel in order to ensure speedy resolutions of any topics or other ecosystem related queries.

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