TDP 46: mStableDAO Restructure - Ecosystem subDAO Source


Simple Summary

It is proposed to consolidate the existing mStable GrantsDAO & Community subDAO into a single entity titled “Ecosystem subDAO” to be used for both verticals in the ecosystem moving forward.

This is done to streamline operations for the entities, as well as create an easy nesting option inside the proposed mStableDAO Restructure proposed initially in TDP 44.

The primary objective of the Ecosystem subDAO is to support the mStable community, fund initiatives to grow awareness and understanding of mStable products, fund projects building on top of mStable that have the potential to add significant value to the ecosystem, as well as other related tasks surrounding the mStable ecosystem.


With the funding term of the GrantsDAO coming to an end, and with the overlap of both the GrantsDAO and Community subDAO in the ecosystem, it is proposed to take measures to now merge both of these entities into a single Gnosis Safe Multi-sig titled Ecosystem subDAO, inheriting the initial name of the old entity to fit neatly into the proposed restructured system of the mStableDAO.

This is done in order to streamline workflows inside both entities, consolidate similar goals inside the mStableDAO ecosystem, as well as make it easy to identify where operational workloads need to go in the proposed restructuring.

Additionally, this will save on resources because of workloads intersecting between the two entities, as well as only requiring one channel to co-ordinate the efforts of the signers within.

A detailed funding request, including initial signer structure as well as other operational needs the Ecosystem subDAO requires will be proposed in the official mStable forum upon successful resolution of TDP 46 and is not part of this consolidation proposal to retain explicitly in the voting outcome.


The mStableDAO is decentralizing and increasing agility and autonomy across the different wings it contains, and this also means that grants & community-related ventures should sit under one umbrella to better calculate runways, risks, and other related operations more fluidly.

With the current bear market, special care needs to be taken on funding related ventures, and it is imperative to get a better understanding of where spending happens in both sectors, and allow some additional flexibility in how funds are split between different use-cases in the future, as both these entities were historically very closely aligned to their goals and means to achieve them. This will additionally make transparency reporting much more agile and less cumbersome to execute between the different multi-sigs.

Furthermore, it will allow for autonomous management of activities that might fall between Grants and Community, which was previously not possible. Examples of this would include Hackathons, DeWork specific workloads, as well as ad-hoc jobs that serve both DAOs similarly.


The following rollout of the consolidation of both the GrantsDAO and Community subDAO will take place should TDP 46 resolve successfully. If TDP 46 will not resolve successfully, the GrantsDAO will cease operations and return any remaining funds left in the respective multi-sig back to the TreasuryDAO. The Community subDAO would remain active and propose a separate funding request in the near future, even if TDP 46 does not resolve in favour:

1.) An official funding request to create the newly formed Ecosystem subDAO will be created in the mStable forum in response to the consolidation resolution, which will detail the newly proposed multi-sig structure, requested funding, budget, transparency reporting requirements, goals, detailed roadmap, signers inside the multi-sig, and any other relevant information regarding the proposed consolidation of the old DAOs.

(This point can or can not include a previous election post to be created in the forum beforehand to decide upon the new signers inside of this subDAO.)

2.) The funding request thread will serve as a RFC to gauge general interest and feedback regarding the rollout of this consolidated version of the Community subDAO and the GrantsDAO.

3.) Upon finding general consensus in the funding request post, a formal proposal will be drafted to finalize the rollout of consolidating the Community subDAO with the GrantsDAO for Meta Governors to discuss and vote upon.

4.) Upon successful resolution of the funding request, the consolidated Ecosystem subDAO will be created and be funded as ratified via TDP by the TreasuryDAO and operations begin immediately afterwards.

5.) The exact way on how ongoing funding will be accounted for and managed will be detailed in the Funding Request post. Transparency of key deliverables in an openly verifiable way will be a core part and requirement of receiving continued funding via the TreasuryDAO.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.