TDP 34: Add HAL Plugin to Snapshot Source


Simple Summary

It is proposed to add the HAL Snapshot plugin to the mStable Snapshot page in order to give users an easy-to-access way for staying up to date with mStable Governance.


HAL recently launched their new Snapshot Plugin, and it is suggested to add this feature to our own Snapshot page in order to make it easier for Meta Governors to stay on top of current proposals outside of the current offering via Discord, Twitter, and EPNS.

After adding the plugin, users can simply subscribe to future mStable Governance updates directly on the Snapshot page.

Further information can be found in this handy tutorial provided by HAL.


Staying up to date in DeFi is no easy task, and much less so if users are part of multiple communities. Therefore, offering updates on mStable governance proposals in as many different ways as possible to users is extremely important, and this Snapshot plugin marks a very direct and interactive way of doing so.


1.) Alter the IPFS-hosted Snapshot file document referenced on the mstablegovernance.eth domain page by adding the hal: {} argument.

2.) Upload the updated file to IPFS and change the link on the ENS domain page in the snapshot text record to the newly uploaded location.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.